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Written by Stu Kushner

Wiring For A Winter Wonderland

The sun may be shining and the temperatures are high, but now is the time to start thinking about winter weather. Cold temperatures bring electrical challenges and it’s better to plan now than get left out in the cold. Read on and see how prepared you are for the coming season.

Quiet as a Mouse

When the weather gets cold, both man and beast look for a warm place. Rodents and other small varmints are attracted to the warmth of your electrical wires. Chewing and nibbling on wires can mean a short lifespan for the furry guests, but it can also put your home in danger. Have a professional come out and check for signs that outdoor creatures are moving into your home. 

Frayed Wires

Whether or not you have mice, check for frayed wires on your appliances, heaters, and other things you may only use or use more during the winter. It’s just good home maintenance to check your appliances periodically to be sure wires aren’t frayed from being bent or being moved during usage.

Holiday Decorations

Before you deck out your home inside and outside with lights, check the wiring to make sure there are no breaks in the outer coating, loose or missing sockets, or fraying. Most home wiring systems don’t have a problem handling the average outdoor light display, but if astronauts can see your house from space, you should consult an electrician.

Check the condition of your indoor decorations and look for the same signs of damage listed above. If you have a real tree, check the water at least once a day and keep the container full. A dry tree with hot lights is a recipe for disaster. If you have an artificial tree, don’t overload the tree with lights and make sure the wattage won’t melt the material. Keep real and artificial trees away from fabrics and heating vents and leave enough room for air to circulate around it.

At JM Mullen, we want every season to be a happy one at your home. Our licensed electricians can help you with all your electrical needs, big or small. Call today and make an appointment for a pre-winter check of your home.