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Written by John Mullen

Why That High Tech Thermostat Is Worth All The Hype

You’ve seen it. The digital face that lights up as you walk by. The vibrant colors of the background, displaying the temperature of the house. Is that thermostat just nice to look at or is it really worth the upgrade? Let’s weigh the benefits of this technological advanced thermostat.

Smart thermostats are unlike digital and ordinary programmable thermostats. While a traditional thermostat has to be set manually to control the temperature accordingly, smart thermostats are able to be adjusted from your phone through an accompanying app. Turning on the units remotely is just one advantage of such a device, which makes being away from home during the day or on vacation a more convenient experience.

Using one of two advanced technologies, a smart thermostat is capable of controlling your home or work space efficiently. Using the geolocation of the phone with the appropriate installed app, the thermostat will set to the preset temperature range while you are away. Before arriving home, it will adjust the temperature to accommodate your preferred settings. Algorithms also help to control the adjustment of temperature. Over weeks of use, the smart thermostat will learn your desired temperature during certain times of the day as well as adjusting to movement within the home.

Due to the self adjustment nature and the capabilities to control the temperature from your phone, your energy bill will be decreased. The automation, when used correctly, will allow for less energy consumption while cutting back on carbon emissions. It will also alert you to change your air conditioning and heater filters.

However a smart thermostat may not be the right decision for everyone. If one has an older unit, there is the potential that the unit may not be compatible with a smart device, requiring an upgrade. The need for proper installation is also crucial, as an improperly installed smart thermostat will not save money and all you’ll have is a pretty thermostat.

If you are overwhelmed as to where to start, or which brand to purchase or how much you will save, please contact the experts at J.M. Mullen – we’ll be glad to assist you!