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Written by John Mullen

What type of lighting should be used in each room of the house?

Whether for aesthetics or utility, each room needs different lighting.

Light is essential to the atmosphere of a house. With light, you can create unique styles and environments, transmit emotions, and even alter the visual perception of space, all while maintaining a safe environment for the normal day-to-day activities.

To illuminate an interior space, the ideal is to combine good general lighting with specific and other decorative lights, giving each room the light it needs for its different uses.

In this article, we will discuss how you should light each of the rooms in your home.

Living room

The living room is where many families spend the most time, therefore it is essential to integrate visual comfort and convenience in lighting. The ideal is to illuminate the entire room with a general light that is not very intense. We can use ceiling lamps, surface panels, or recessed lights. Another option are wall lights that throw the light beam towards the ceiling, achieving a pleasant ambient light.


To promote rest, the light mustn’t be too intense or direct. It is best to opt for indirect general light, with a hanging lamp or spotlights on the ceiling. On bedside tables, use a direct point light with a table lamp or sconces. For the closet or dressing room, the ideal is to have general lighting and avoid shadows. In general, the most suitable lighting for these spaces are recessed lights.


The kitchen must have a uniform general light, which does not heat the area while consuming little energy. The best lighting types for the kitchen include recessed lighting, LEDs, or fluorescent panels. Direct light under the upper cabinets is ideal in the work area. Battery-powered LED solutions can be placed inside the cabinets.


In addition to general lighting on the ceiling, it is essential to have a point light source in the washbasin area with ambient lighting for the bathtub or shower.

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