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Written by John Mullen

What is LED lighting?

LEDs offer greater autonomy and a better lighting system than conventional lighting.

What is an LED?

The light-emitting diode, also known as an LED, is a semiconductor device that emits incoherent, narrow-spectrum light when its PN junction is directly polarized, and electric current flows through it. This phenomenon is a form of electroluminescence. The color depends on the semiconductor material used in the construction of the diode and can vary from ultraviolet, through visible, to infrared.

Conventional lamps lose between 20% and 50% of the light generated due to the lack of directing in the light source, loss that becomes light pollution in the environment. LEDs overcome this problem by having a directional light source. Therefore they do not pollute the space with unnecessary light.

Unlike fluorescent lights, LEDs are more efficient in low-temperature environments. LEDs have no lighting problems in cold environments and are one of the most reliable light sources outdoors.

Unlike many other lighting technologies, LEDs do not contain mercury or heavy metals. Not only are LEDs better for the environment during their operational period, but after when disposed, LEDs will not harm the environment with polluting substances.

Another added benefit is that the light from the white LED can reach a Color Rendering Index score of 80, compared to a score of 20 or less for sodium light.

This pure white light from LEDs not only provides a better spectrum for the human eye, but increases the amount of visual information captured by security cameras. Therefore, LEDs in a car park or garage reduce the total cost of lighting in the area and potentially increase security levels for all users.

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