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Written by John Mullen

Ways To Reduce Your Electric Bill

It is possible to save money on your electric bill without taking drastic steps. Homeowners can make simple changes that can eventually reduce their expenses on electricity. Here are some of them:

Stop Phantom Power

Devices can use power even if they are not in use. Known by many names such as vampire load, standby power and leaking electricity, this phenomenon could be responsible for 5 to 10 percent of your electrical use.

An easy way to stop unnecessary electricity from leaking is to plug your device into a power strip so you can easily turn off the power when you do not use the devices. This is particularly best for phone chargers and similar items that people often leave plugged in. As for your computer, you may not want to always shut it down completely but be sure that it goes into an efficient sleep mode when it is not in use.

Using motion sensing lighting can also avoid wasting of light energy when it is not needed. You may opt for night-light fixture that would only turn on when the room is dark.

Switch To Energy-Efficient Lighting

Regular incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient so if you’re using them, replace them with compact fluorescent light (CFL) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs.

LED bulbs give 80 percent more efficiency compared with incandescent lighting. You may find the price of an LED bulb higher than regular incandescent but do not be floored by the difference. A longer lasting LED may save you more money in the long term. LED bulbs neither present safety hazards because they do not contain mercury or lead.

Place Lighting And Appliances In Strategic Locations

Energy-efficient bulbs can help reduce your electric bills but placing light in strategic locations can give you even more savings. Under cabinet light, for instance, can give you direct light for your work space. Unfortunately, many homes do not install their lighting in the most advantageous areas.

The same is true with appliances. Air conditioners, for instance, need to be placed in a cooler area and away from heat-producing items. Heat and direct sunlight can make your air conditioning unit work harder.

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