Electrician,J.M. Mullen Electric
Written by John Mullen

UPS – A New Type of Delivery!

Do you live somewhere where the power is subject to interruption due to the climate or poor service? Do high winds cause your electricity to go out at your place of business? Does your power provider need to do some serious upgrading?

Frankly, no matter what type of business you own your need for uninterrupted electric power is paramount to your success. Whether it is required for operating office equipment or is necessary for larger machinery or refrigeration, you simply must be able to rely on your power source to keep things running.

Today it is possible to install what is known as a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply. A UPS can be a life-saver in many situations. A UPS is a device that provides emergency power in the event of some form of general power failure. Of course, there are other resources that smart business people have on hand, including back-up generators or emergency power systems that are auxiliary to your main power source.

But a UPS is a device that ‘kicks in’ almost instantly when power is lost, keeping electronic devices such as computers, monitors, and printers operating for 10 – 20 minutes so that data can be saved and stored that might otherwise be lost between the moment of power loss and the start-up of backup generators. It also maintains power to your telecommunication equipment thereby allowing you to contact key personnel, the power company itself and family.

The United States relies almost exclusively on AC power grids to keep the country running. This includes everything from our fans to our coffee pots, and all computers, telecommunications, and medical equipment. Prior to utilizing a UPS, valuable information could and would be lost at the time of a power outage, even if the power was quickly restored by a back-up generator. A UPS lets you shut down your equipment properly and then start it back up without any technical issues.

In the world of automation and instant communications any down time can negatively affect your business’ bottom line. It’s worth the extra cost of a UPS for the peace of mind it brings.

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