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Written by John Mullen

Tips for saving energy during the summer

Saving energy will always be a critical issue, especially during summer when the temperature requires the use of air conditioners. However, there are many things you can do to reduce the energy consumption in your home. We’ve put together some tips from our experts so you don’t waste energy during the summer.

1. Take advantage of the hours of natural daylight: At this time of year, the days last longer. Take advantage of these extended hours with natural lighting for tasks such as studying or using the computer. You’ll avoid turning on lamps which will lower your electrical bill.

2. Paint the walls in light colors: Many people like to make small changes in their house during the summer; if you do, paint the walls in light colors such as white or stone gray. In addition to giving a feeling of peace, these colors better reflect natural light and increase luminosity.

3. Change the bulbs: Light bulbs and lamps represent 4.1% of total household consumption. Changing them for low-consumption or LED fixtures reduces energy consumption by 80%. And although they are initially more expensive, they last up to 8 times longer than traditional bulbs.

4. Install eco-friendly lamps in the garden: When it comes to lighting the garden, it is best to use solar lamps or photovoltaic lights that are charged during the day with sunlight and do not consume electricity.

5. Decide which rooms to air condition: It is not necessary to have air conditioning throughout the entire house. On hot days, decide which rooms to air-condition as this will allow for a reduction in electrical consumption.

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