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Written by Stu Kushner

Tips For Avoiding Electrical Hazards This Christmas

It is the holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year when millions of families across the U.S. decorate their homes. While holiday decorating adds fun and warmth to this very special season, Christmas decorations carry risk of fire or electrical injury if they are not used properly. Here are some tips to keep you safe from electrical hazards this Christmas: 

Plan Ahead

Consider the number and the locations of available outlets in your home before deciding where to put up the Christmas tree and any other decorations that need to be plugged into your electrical system. This will help you avoid overloading the circuits with more voltage than they are meant to handle.

Inspect The light

Regardless if you have a new set of Christmas lights or you decide on using the old ones, it is important to check them out before putting them on the tree. Look for the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) seal on the label to ensure that the lights meet the appropriate quality standards that make them safe to use in your home.

All wires need to be in good condition. There should be no cracks, fraying or pinching. Plug in the lights to determine if all the bulbs are working. Replace burned out bulbs to make the entire string of lights work more efficiently and safely.

Do not use staples or other sharp objects when putting up lights on the trees since these could damage the wires and cause fire or electrocution.

Keep Your Christmas Tree Hydrated

A dehydrated Christmas tree can more easily catch fire if it comes into contact with an electrical spark that may come from a nearby outlet or lights.

Do Not Overload The Circuits

If you need more lights, opt for using LED lights for your tree. LED lights are more expensive initially but they tend to be more cost efficient in the long run because they use less energy and are cool to the touch, which means they are safer to use.

Avoid overloading your fuse box due to too many cords plugged into a single outlet. Each outlet in your home can only handle a fixed amount of electrical current. Should you need more outlets, be sure to consult with a licensed electrician familiar with home electrical wiring.

Our electricians here at J.M. Mullen Electric can help make sure you have safe outlets and electrical connections to use this Christmas. Contact us today to learn more about our service.