Annapolis,J.M. Mullen Electric
Written by John Mullen

The Value of Being On Time

If you are a business owner there are few things more important than meeting your obligation of being on time for a job. Clients rely on companies that are able to meet their word and be on time for appointments while also completing a job in the amount of time promised and/or allotted. If you have a contract that contains strict schedules, failing to meet your obligations could cost you the job. This is true in nearly every industry but there are few places more time sensitive than when dealing with electric services. Let’s take a moment to consider what you are telegraphing to a client or customer with your approach to time.

Many believe that the world has become ‘chronically tardy’. We overschedule in an attempt to squeeze every second out of our day but in so doing what happens is we get somewhere out of breath, a bit disheveled and unable to ‘attend’ for a few moments while we collect ourselves. As much time is lost in this process as would have been gained if we had tailored our schedule to the appropriate needs.

What are you telling your client or customer or boss or partner when you are on time for an appointment? First, your actions are saying you respect their time. You understand they have busy lives and you appreciate they are giving up some of their valuable time to meet with you. Now, if a customer is late you should be prepared to use the time yourself to catch up on something. Keep a book in your briefcase or have an audio book on your phone. Take a few minutes to tackle an idea that has been gnawing at you. You cannot control other people’s behavior, only your own. If a client is late – be forgiving. It will be easier to do so if you are not stewing impatiently. If it happens too often and you are dissatisfied, then sever your business ties with the individual. No amount of money is worth the aggravation.

Finally, timeliness demonstrates diligence, dependability, honor and commitment. Ultimately, it could be the source of your success and your competency!

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