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Written by John Mullen

The Cost of Electric Fences

Today many pet owners opt to install an invisible electric fence to keep their pets from straying instead of erecting a wood, metal or other type of fence and gate. There are a number of reasons for this. For example, some people believe that an unencumbered lawn is more aesthetically pleasing. Others have found that other types of fences can be penetrated by their pets after numerous attempts.

An electric fence is invisible. The pet wears an electronic device that emits a warning signal as the pet nears the border and then gives the cat or dog a mild shock if it tries to cross the fence’s boundaries. Pets soon learn to recognize the warning sound and will avoid the boundaries in the end.

There are several types with varying modifications using radio signals and GPS, along with other amenities. An invisible fence does have its problems. For example, humans may not be aware of the fence and may wander onto properties where a dog may be roaming and attack. Too, some pets become fearful of the fence and will refuse to go outside.

Still another challenge of invisible fences is the cost. First, there is the cost of installing the device which will be dependent on the size of your property and the model of invisible fence chosen. As the fence runs off electricity it should not be surprising to find that it will increase the cost of your bill. Homeowners claim their bill increases upwards of ten dollars a month with the addition of an electric fence. It is a good idea to install a smart home energy monitor prior to installing the fence. This will help you find out the exact amount of additional energy that is being used by the electric fence. There are several other costs as well. For instance, the batteries to operate the collar will need to be replaced several times a year. That could run upwards of a $100 annually, and the collar is usually around $50.

So, installing a pet fence is not a decision to be made lightly. If you need more information contact the professionals at J.M. Mullen Electrical Services.