electrician, wiring, residential
Written by Stu Kushner

Only Christmas Tree Lights Should Flicker

Flickering lights can be annoying, but shouldn’t be ignored. It may be as simple as replacing a bulb or tightening a loose fixture. But, it could also be a sign of a more serious electrical problem. Flickering lights can’t be totally eliminated because the power coming into your home from outside fluctuates. However, there are a variety of situations when a simple fix will solve the problem. 

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electrician, outdoor lightings
Written by John Mullen

Light Up The Outdoors

Outdoor lighting adds drama to your home’s exterior. It can be used to illuminate outdoor living spaces, showcase landscaping, and increase safety. There are as many choices for lighting the outside of your home as there are for lighting the inside. Path lights, postmount lights, spotlights, and well lights are just a few outdoor options. Think about more unusual options such as chandeliers, hanging lanterns, or lighted ceiling fans. 

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