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Written by John Mullen

Swim Safely

It’s the middle of the hottest summer on record, and you decide you’ve had enough. It’s time to get a pool! Before you jump in and enjoy the water, make sure your pool’s electrical wiring is installed and working correctly. There are city and state code requirements for the pool or spa installation. You can’t be too careful when it comes to water and electricity. 

Overhead Power Lines

Avoid installing pools or spas under overhead power or communication lines. If you’re unable to avoid overhead power lines, be sure that electrical power is at least 22 feet above the pool. Communication lines should be at least 14 feet from the diving board.  Not only is there a concern with downed power lines, but you could injure yourself lifting metal pool cleaning equipment in the air.

Underground Power Lines

Underground power lines cannot run under any pool or spa. Underground lines should be at least 5 feet from the wall or side of any pool. If there isn’t sufficient space for 5 feet, wiring to run pump, filters or pool covers can be installed using a raceway conduit system.

Electrical Receptacle Outlets

Install electrical outlets to run pool filters or motors 6 to 20 feet away from the pool wall. The receptacle should be GFCI-protected and locked. Outlets without GFCI protection should not be within 20 feet of the swimming pool.

A maintenance disconnect is required for pools and spas. For pools, it should be within sight but no closer than 6 feet. For spas, a maintenance disconnect must be visible but at least 5 feet away. Do not reach for any electrical product or outlet while you are in a pool or hot tub.

This is important, so once again, do not leave any device or appliance connected to an outlet near your pool. That includes cell phone chargers, sound systems, fans, etc. And, NEVER reach out of a pool or spa for any device.

Electrical wiring around pools or spas is not a do-it-yourself job. Let the professional electricians at JM Mullen take care of all the wiring around your pool or spa. Our electricians are the best in the business and dedicated to keeping you and your family safe.