Commercial Electrician J.M. Mullen
Written by John Mullen

Suggestions for Lighting Your Commercial Property

Business owners are well aware that lighting a commercial property is very different than lighting a residence. There are a variety of considerations that must be taken into account. For instance, the lighting that illuminates your business name and brand may require one type of fluorescence while the offices and manufacturing areas within the structure may have totally different requirements and be varied as well. Yes, lighting a commercial property can be a challenge for even the most savvy business owner.

Many business owners will bring in an expert to help support their lighting decision making process. Otherwise, the commercial property holder – be it a renter or owner – should begin by doing a thorough walk-through of the property inside and out. They should walk slowly and take pictures along the property perimeter to determine which areas are sufficiently lit by natural light and which areas could benefit from illumination. This assessment should be done in the morning, late afternoon and evening to ensure a complete understanding of how the business lighting is perceived by the public and utilized by employees.

Lighting is a much more complex consideration than many realize. There may be city, state and federal ordinances to follow when adding light to your property. Perhaps you will be required to install some form of emergency lighting. Then there is the added value that landscape and decorative lighting can bring that will set your business apart and draw in business you might not otherwise get.

Indoor lighting is of equal importance. If you operate an office, it has become common to purchase lighting that will automatically turn off after a few minutes if there is no movement in the room. There are compact and twisted fluorescent light bulbs that are designed to last for several years while using less energy than regular incandescent bulbs.

Lighting is a very important factor in the overall presentation and operation of your business. Today’s commercial property owners have a wealth of options.

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