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Written by John Mullen

Smart Energy: Say Goodbye to Excessive Electricity Spending

Adapting to new eco-friendly solutions is something we all must do.

90% of people in the United States are governed by a traditional scheme in terms of electrical energy. It’s an obsolete scheme that we inherited from the 20th century that will not be sustainable much longer.

Renewable energies have become a true lifesaver, and although this trend has been growing for a decade, it has not yet been adopted by a significant majority in the United States.

Worse yet, household electricity consumption has increased by 38% in the past ten years. People use energy in a very careless way, without taking into account the energy expenditure or the ecological impact that this causes.

Smart Energy: the philosophy of energy saving.

The Smart Energy concept is based on better use of electrical energy by the final consumer. The consumer becomes the center of the system, and it is about offering the most efficient and ecologically sound service.

The components of the Smart Energy model are three: the consumer, the networks, and the suppliers.

1. The consumer in this scheme acquires a more active attitude; the term “PROSUMER” becomes popular because now we can combine the production of the energy with consumption.

2. Networks, understanding traditional electrical energy distribution networks, such as telecommunications networks that help optimize the distribution model by exchanging information in real-time.

3. The supply, which in addition to traditional energy sources, now includes small-scale generation sources and greater flexibility to adapt production to demand.

The objective of Smart Energy is to save resources and minimize environmental impact. As an example, it has been calculated that if smart grid meters improved the efficiency of the US electricity grid by only 5%, that would be equivalent to reducing the greenhouse emissions caused by 53 million cars.

Other important benefits that the Smart Energy scheme brings are:

1. More efficient transmission of electricity.

2. Faster restoration of electricity after electrical disturbances.

3. Reduction of operations and management costs of public services and energy costs for consumers.

4. Reducing peak demand, this will also help to reduce electricity rates.

5. Better integration of large renewable energy systems.

6. Better integration of client-owner power generation systems, including renewable energy systems.

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