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Written by John Mullen

Services Provided by Commercial Electricians

Residential electricians primarily confine their services to homes and that means there is a limited amount of work they focus on. However, commercial electricians have an extensive range of jobs they can complete in a commercial setting. Let us outline several of the more common commercial tasks in this blog.

Interior and exterior wiring are common tasks for a commercial electrician. They may perform telecommunications wiring, electrical wire installation, industrial wiring, emergency lighting and installation, exit sign installation and repair, light pole repairs, parking lot lighting, office and warehouse lighting installation and repair and more.

Commercial properties generally require more electricity to operate their businesses than what is needed for a single residence. The result is that a greater volume of electrical wiring is needed to complete tasks. Moreover, the wiring must be of a higher standard to withstand the amount of heat that is generated when electricity runs through the wires. In other words, commercial wiring is designed to endure both heat and chemical exposure.

Another noticeable difference between residential and commercial wiring is the former can be found embedded in the walls whereas most commercial wiring is exposed and can be seen running outside the wall surface. Commercial property owners run their wiring through ‘electrical conduits’ or weather resistant piping to prevent them from being exposed to harsh conditions, fraying and becoming potential fire hazards, while keeping them from the reach of unsuspecting customers or employees.

There are benefits to utilizing conduits within your business. The first is that conduits are cheaper – it is more expensive to embed wiring into walls, especially in a structure that is generally larger than a home. If you are rewiring a business then you will not have to tear down walls in order to position the wiring and that is a savings as well. Conduits are also beneficial because they can be used indoors or outdoors. Conduit material also come in varying levels of flexibility – from highly malleable to very firm.

No matter where you are adding wiring always be sure to work with a licensed electrician and that they perform all tasks to the National Electric Code.

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