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Written by John Mullen

Radiant Floor Heating And What You Need To Know

Everyone at one point has thought about what it would be like to step onto a heated floor in the middle of winter after taking a hot shower or after a long day’s work. Heated flooring is a new trending option for those that want luxurious comfort on a cold day. However what are the pros and cons of having such a welcoming idea come alive in your home?

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of questions asked when thinking about the expense of installing a heated floor. Radiant floor heating can be provided in two formats – electric and water systems. A water system pumps warm water at a temperature around 84 degree Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) with a series of coils under the length of a floor, while electrical units run wiring underneath the floor using a temperature that is comparable to the water-based systems. Compared to traditional radiators, radiant heat can save an average of 15% on your heating bill and any flooring can be placed on top of the unit, including carpet, vinyl, tile, wood among many other options.

Air quality is also an important factor when choosing the heating format. Radiant heated flooring allows for purer air quality with more oxygen-rich molecules. There is also a lack of circulating dust in the air, as airflow coming from the home’s vent is not kicking up dust particles. The air is also warmed at an even temperature whereas a radiator unit can have cold spots and become uncomfortable with the high temperatures needed to warm the air.

Material installation estimates are between $10-$20 per sq. ft. In addition, an electrician’s labor costs to connect the system to your electrical supply will vary from state to state and city to city. Water systems are typically pricier than that of an electrical system, costing up to 3 times as much as its counterpart.

Using either system your installation will be rewarding while helping to save on your energy bills every month. The extra savings every month are reassuring and the comfort of the room can be enough reason to splurge on a new floor on the next remodeling of your home.

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