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Written by John Mullen

Questions to Ask a Potential Electric Services Professional

There are few things that are more sophisticated and fraught with potential danger than the installation or repair of electrical systems. While DIYers can paint, build, plumb and landscape, it really does take a certified professional to address electrical issues in the home or place of business. You simply should not chance making a mistake that you would regret. Here are some tips for hiring the best electrical professional for your job:

• Start by getting a full accounting of the electrical contractor’s qualifications. You will want to see a license and any certifications they may hold. This information should be readily available from the contractor and easily confirmed.

• Ask about the potential contractor’s experience. What types of jobs have they done that are similar and do they have any references you can contact? Then – contact them! Get a first-hand idea of the type of work the electrician has completed and if they would be recommended.

• Ensure the electrician has insurance and the type and amounts. An electrical contractor should carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. The potential contractor should have proof of insurance available upon request that can be verified.

• You will want to know the contractor’s standing with the state licensing board and associated organizations. If there are complaints out against the contractor, it would be an indication this is not the person you want to work with. You can also investigate this further on your own by inquiring at the State Attorney General’s office and the Better Business Bureau.

• You should ask for an estimate in writing. Everything should ALWAYS be in writing and signed by all interested parties.
The majority of electrical contractors are highly reputable, skilled, competent and honest. The work is of a nature that requires all of these attributes in order to be successful. Even so, the questions posed in this brief article are important and should be a normal part of doing business with any company – not just electrical contractors. However, as noted, electrical work is of such a sophisticated nature that any potential customer will want to be confident in the contractor they choose.

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