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Written by John Mullen

Protecting Rental Property

Whether your rental property is an individual home, an apartment, or a large commercial complex, it’s important to safeguard your investment with regular, professional maintenance. Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems should be checked to prevent costly repairs or replacement. In addition, a well-maintained home ensures tenant safety and maintains property value. Regardless of the size of your rental property, a professional electrician is an important member of your property management team. 

If you are the landlord of an individual home or apartment, it’s wise to have a trusted electrician you can call in case of an emergency. And, of course, whenever there’s a repair to be made, it’s an emergency to a tenant. When you build a relationship with an electrician, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your instructions will be followed, even if you’re not immediately available.

It’s important to have an electrician check your rental property when a tenant moves out. They can check to make sure all outlets, lights and light fixtures are working properly, and can make sure that tenants haven’t made any unauthorized changes before their security deposit is returned.

Another benefit of having an established relationship with an electrician or electrical services firm is that if you decide to increase the number of properties you own, or to enlarge or renovate your existing property, you have a trusted expert to turn to.

Both residential and commercial property owners are responsible for maintaining the electrical system for tenants. Smoke detectors, sprinklers, and other warning systems are part of the electrical system and should be included in routine maintenance. Contracting with an established, proven electrical services firm ensures consistency in the quality of service you can expect.

Fully-licensed electrical firms will also make sure you are in compliance with changing building and safety codes and that your certificates are filed properly and are up-to-date.

The professionals at JM Mullen Electrical Service are experienced property managers with an excellent service record. With over 60 combined years of experience, JM Mullen is a leader in the electrical services industry and is known for its comprehensive, quality service. Call us for an appointment to discuss your rental property, or your service needs, day or night.