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Written by John Mullen

Protect Your Electrical Wiring From Rodents And Other Pests

Rodents chew virtually everything; they do not just gnaw on edible items. They also chew wires and insulation, which could result in electrical malfunctions and hazards in your home. Damaged electrical connections and insulation may result in a deadly electrical fire so it is crucial that you protect your electrical wiring from pests and address the damage as soon as possible. 

Protecting Your Home From Rodents

Even if you do not see signs of rodent invasion at home, use precautionary measures that could spare you from the hassles of battling with these pests. Walk around the perimeter of your house and identify places such as space gaps and exhaust vents that the creatures may use to squeeze through. Seal all these openings as soon as possible.

Finding Evidence Of Rodent Infestation

Rodents have habits that can be easily detected as they leave behind evidence that they have invaded your home. Routinely check your basement, crawlspace and living quarters for signs of rodent invasion, which include droppings, nests, displaced insulation, skeletons, sounds of chewing, sighting and visible wiring and structural damages.

While it may not be easy to spot damaged electrical wiring and components caused by rodents, when home electrical issues collide with evidence of pest infestation, there is a strong possibility of a compromised electrical system.

Rodent-Caused Damages To Your Electrical Wiring

If there are electrical damages likely caused by chewing rodents, it is crucial that these are promptly corrected. Bare wires are dangerous. Rats, squirrels and mice nesting around junction boxes and wiring also pose similar dangers because their presence can lead to overheating.

Other incidents that may occur because of pest infestation include electrical outages, shorted circuits, tripped breakers and even fire. It is crucial that you address the pest infestation as soon as possible to prevent further damages.

The problem with damaged electrical wiring is that it is often only noticed after an accident has occurred, since rodents typically chew in hidden spots of the house. If you suspect that your electrical wiring have been compromised though, contact a professional who can inspect and assess the safety of your home circuits.

Our experienced electricians here at JM Mullen Electrical services can check your wiring and electrical items to identify potential hazards caused by pest infestations. Contact us now to set an appointment.