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Written by John Mullen

Preventing Pest Damage to your electrical system

Most everyone has heard the expression that software has “bugs” in it that cause it to malfunction. That expression was coined during the early days of mainframe computers when actual bugs got into the system and damaged delicate electronics.

Bugs and other pests can do the same thing to your, but with a little knowledge and preventative measures, you can keep them from causing real problems. An infestation of mice or rats can be particularly damaging because they gnaw on wires which can start potentially devastating fires. When the weather cools off, all manner of varmints look for warm, sheltered places to hide.

Rats and mice have the irritating ability to run up and down wires, cables, fences, and poles and can get through seemingly impenetrable surfaces like concrete, brick, and even weather-damaged metal. Areas where food is stored are vulnerable to these critters that are looking for an easily accessible food source.

Snakes can also be a threat to an electrical system. They’re usually searching for food too: catching mice and rats are the goal of their slithering into your system. If a snake gets into an electrical conduit, it’s large enough to get a fatal shock and their carcass can render the controls of a system inoperable.

Let’s not forget the little bugs that can cause just as many problems as their larger counterparts. Ants, bees, and wasps commonly infiltrate electrical systems. Ants nest in electrical enclosures and the soil they use can damage coils and like rats and mice, they chew wires. Bees and wasps can wiggle their way into tight spaces and we all know how difficult it can be to get rid of a bee’s nest. Swarming and stinging insects are something no one wants to tangle with, but if they disrupt electrical systems, there may not be any other solution.

Prevent damage from rodents and insects by checking the areas around electrical boxes and circuits and stop the infestation before it starts. Fill small cracks or openings with pest-repellent materials such as caulking and foam. For larger spaces use wire mesh, steel wool, aluminum, or copper. It’s better to keep pests out rather than repairing the damage they do.

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