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Written by John Mullen

Portable Generators are a Worthwhile Purchase

Americans have been given the luxury of electricity at the flip of a switch. We are so used to the idea of having our appliances run and lights turn on that it doesn’t occur to us that there are still parts of the world that lack electric innovations of any kind. More importantly, however, as the fires have raged across California, it has become quite evident that the real issue may be right here at home. The main electric company in that state has been shutting down the power. This has caused rolling brown-outs.

Pacific Gas & Electric’s equipment has also been named in lawsuits for being the cause of some of the horrific fires. The situation is concerning to say the least. It is difficult to imagine an electric company turning off the power. The impact on homes and businesses is devastating, both in the short and long-term. In your homes, anything that runs on electricity stops working.

The most prudent option for Americans whose homes are tied into the larger electric system is to purchase a generator. Generators can be inexpensive especially when compared to the potential losses that can occur during a power outage. Many Americans keep a fully stocked refrigerator and second freezer. Hundreds of dollars-worth of food could go to waste if the outage lasts more than a few hours.

Perhaps you have an electric car. A lack of electricity could leave you stranded. The sump pump would be inoperable. In many cases, working from home would be impossible because it is often done online. Perhaps most unsettling of all is that many Americans rely on electric medical devices at home. No power would mean these devices would be useless.

So, the best advice is to purchase and keep a back-up generator at home. But it is not enough to simply buy it. You must learn how to use it, and keep it primed for use. That means you need to keep fuel for it, unless you have purchased a solar-powered generator, and you need to have industrial strength extension cords available.

Never say never. You just don’t know if you will ever need a back-up generator at your home. For more information on these life-saving systems, contact the experts at J. M. Mullen Electrical Services.