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Written by John Mullen

Making Modifications Inside Your Home

With so much information on the internet and at specialty DIY stores, such as Home Depot, many people feel confident making changes they think are fairly simple. Remodeling projects for kitchens and bathrooms usually involve hanging cabinets or hardware. If you’re going to drill into the walls of your home or business, you’d be wise to call in an electrician. 

Electrical wires run through the walls of your home and ultimately connect to an outside power source. Most people don’t have the original plans for their home so they don’t know where the wiring is located. If you have an older home, or one that you know has had do-it-yourself work done, there might be other surprises in store.

Drilling through electrical wires or cables can turn your simple project into a major problem and, at its worst, could be deadly. Calling in a professional electrician before you drill is an important safeguard. An electrician will have the proper tools to locate your home’s wiring and prevent costly accidents. They will know how wiring is installed during construction and be more likely to know where to look for cables.

There are several types of wires running through the walls of your home. An electrical wire conducts electricity and may be made of copper or aluminum. These are typically coated with a plastic coating that doesn’t conduct electricity. Another type of wire is nonmetallic which is used in dry areas of the home. These are also coated with plastic and are used in many more modern homes and carry various amps of electricity. When a group of wires are put together, it’s referred to as a cable.

A qualified electrician will also know the types of wiring that are used depending on where you plan to remodel. There’s a unique wiring type that’s used for dry areas, wet areas, and even unfinished areas such as your basement or garage.

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