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Written by John Mullen

Light Up The Outdoors

Outdoor lighting adds drama to your home’s exterior. It can be used to illuminate outdoor living spaces, showcase landscaping, and increase safety. There are as many choices for lighting the outside of your home as there are for lighting the inside. Path lights, postmount lights, spotlights, and well lights are just a few outdoor options. Think about more unusual options such as chandeliers, hanging lanterns, or lighted ceiling fans. 

Outdoor Entertaining

The kitchen has long been the heart of the home, so it’s no surprise that the demand for outdoor kitchens is on the rise. Homeowners seeking to add value to their homes and extend living space are looking to the outdoor kitchen as a solution. Outdoor kitchens range from elaborate, high-end spaces equipped with stainless steel appliances, sinks, and fireplaces to casual areas with an outdoor gas grill and comfortable seating.

Highlight Landscaping

Whether you’re designing an entirely new landscape or just sprucing up your existing plantings, use lighting to showcase special trees, flower beds, leafy green plants, or a feature such as a fountain or a pond. Well lights can be strategically placed to blend in with the foliage. Path lights that complement the landscape style add both drama and safety to the outside of your home. Spotlights cast light in a small, focused area as opposed to flood lights, which brighten a large area.

Increase Safety

Prevent accidents by lighting up dark areas around your home, garage, or backyard shed. It is especially important to keep steps well-lit to avoid nasty falls and injuries. Light the area around your garage and other outdoor storage areas, especially those that contain equipment or tools. Well-placed outdoor lighting adds to your home’s security system and discourages intruders.

Outdoor lighting adds value, extends living space, showcases landscaping and increases the safety of your home. Call JM Mullens for help selecting and installing the outdoor lighting for your individual needs. Our qualified electricians are dedicated to customer service and quality workmanship.