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Written by John Mullen

Landlord’s Electrical Obligations

While there are many positives to being a landlord – the first of which is the pride of being a multi-property owner that can provide housing for others while enhancing your own financial net worth – there are obligations that must be met. In this blog we will consider some of the electrical requirements of being a landlord.

• Landlords are legally obligated to ensure the electrical installations on the property are safe prior to renting out the space. It is also their duty to maintain the integrity of all electrical systems throughout the duration of the rental contract. In other words, landlords are obligated to keep in good working order all installations and equipment that supply electricity. This is especially true of the wiring in an apartment or other rented space.
• While the landlord may not be obligated to have annual electrical inspections of a property, it is recommended as a proactive measure and to better guarantee that your property insurance does not get pulled or questioned in the event of an unfortunate accident such as an electrical fire. Too, after a tenant moves out, an electrical inspection ensures that any wiring damage made by the tenant can be identified prior to new tenants moving in.
• Houses in multiple occupation (HMO’s) are usually required to have electrical installations inspected and tested an average of every five years. To be sure you are meeting the expectations of your local authorities, check with your city and state officials. Landlords should know that there are regulations allowing for inspections by a number of local and state authorities to ensure the integrity of your electrical systems on rental properties. If an electrical hazard is identified, the property owner will be served with a notice to attend to this situation.
• A specific landlord-tenant circumstance that can be problematic is the college student rental agreement. There are many properties in which multiple tenants occupy a single dwelling in a college setting. Landlords should collaborate with city officials to ensure they meet all the requirements regarding electrical installations and have the expectations for the use of electricity spelled out clearly in the lease.

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