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Written by John Mullen

Keeping Kids Safe From Electrical Injury

Children constantly explore and never seem to tire from trying to investigate things around them. This inborn curiosity may be good but it also has potential dangers when it comes to electricity.

Electrical accidents are responsible for a number of injuries and deaths in the United States and young kids below 6 years old are particularly at risk of electrical injury. All it takes is a wrong move by a young child for a tragedy to happen.

Like any other safety hazards, adult supervision and teaching safety precautions to kids can go a long way in thwarting electrical injuries. See to it that your children know these electrical safety rules:

  • Do not play under or near the power lines
  • Avoid areas that are labelled “high voltage”
  • Do not touch or go near transformers
  • Do not climb transmission towers, utility poles, or fences around electrical plants or substations
  • Do not climb trees near power lines
  • Do not touch a wire or electrical pole that is on the ground
  • Do not swim during thunderstorms

It is also important that adults are aware of the precautions they need to take to protect children from the dangers posed by electricity at home.

Make sure that all electrical wires are out of reach and avoid placing appliances near areas where they can be exposed to water from showers, tubs and pools. Adults should also supervise young children whenever they use electrical appliances and cords.

Toddlers and preschoolers need to be kept away from electrical outlets. You should install child-protective caps on sockets that are within reach. For those with older children, teach them how to safely plug in and unplug appliances. Urge them to check cords for exposed wiring before they plug them in. Remind them about the hazards of mixing water and electricity and advise them never to touch an appliance if they have wet hands.

It is also crucial that children are taught about what to do when an electrical emergency happens. Children should get out of the building and call emergency numbers if there is an electrical fire. Teach them not to use water to put out an electrical fire.

Your home should be safe for your children. You should consider having your home checked by a professional to minimize electrical hazards that can pose risks to your family. Contact us at JM Mullen to have your home and electrical wirings checked by an experienced electrician.