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Written by John Mullen

Keep Your Power Panel In Top Shape

If you spend as much time at your circuit breaker as you do watching TV, you probably need to upgrade or replace a circuit panel. When circuit breakers continually flip off, to prevent overheating or fire, it means your panel is working too hard and may be outdated. This is more than a nuisance, it’s a fire hazard.

The circuit panel is supposed to distribute the appropriate amount of power to the lights, outlets, and appliances throughout your home. When circuit breakers are tripped, it means the circuits aren’t able to handle the demands for power. In addition to being a fire hazard, there are other reasons to make repairs promptly. 


You may have difficulty getting home owners insurance if your electrical system is outdated. Some companies won’t insure your home until the system is updated.


If your home’s electrical system isn’t up to par, buyers may consider your property off-limits when you try to sell your home. It isn’t only buyers who will balk about an outdated system, code inspectors may give you a thumbs down.

Goodbye Money

Inefficient electrical systems can increase your utility bills and cost you money every time you flip a switch.

If any of the circumstances below apply to you, you need to upgrade your electrical system.

  1. If your home is more than 30 years old, you probably need an update that can handle the demands of today’s lifestyle.
  2. With an increase in the number of laptops, phones, tablets, game systems, and other electronics, if you have a shortage of electrical outlets it’s an indication you need to make electrical system changes.
  3. There are a few brand names you don’t want in your home. If your electrical panel is labeled Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) or Zinsco, you should replace them. You should also replace your system if you have a split-bus panel or fuse box. A split-bus panel has circuit breakers set up in two groups.

These are red flags that you should upgrade your electrical system.

  1. Your lights flicker or dim on a regular basis. If you can’t use your toaster and your hairdryer at the same time, you have an electrical problem.
  2. You’ve purchased or are going to purchase new appliances. Today’s appliances require more electricity than older models.
  3. Your appliances don’t operate properly.

JM Mullen’s staff of technicians can evaluate your current electrical systems and help you estimate your needs if you need an upgrade. Keep your home safe and up-to-date with JM Mullen. Call us today for a free consultation.