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Written by John Mullen

It’s Standard!

The average person walks into a building with automatic doors swishing open, lights on, elevators and escalators running, and a host of other electric devices humming away hard at work and we take it for granted! The truth is there are a host of rules and regulations that accompany commercial construction and this blog will introduce some of the more basic ones.

If you want to know more about the federal and state regulations pertaining to the construction of commercial and residential property, there are several websites you can visit. One exceptional site is the IAEI operated online resource. IAEI stands for International Association of Electrical Inspectors. They are a cornerstone of the electrical industry, a nonprofit organization that says it is membership driven. They are advocates and educators regarding electrical codes and standards development. As well, their site offers a wealth of information for professionals and amateurs alike who are simply interested in learning more about the electrical industry.

Relevant to commercial construction would be the presentation of information on the National Fire Protection Association’s website (NFPA). They explain their site offers an explanation of nearly every form of building ‘processes’ including design and installation. They claim to provide codes and standards that speak to a continually changing industry with constantly updated technologies. The NFPA website also addresses research and development and good old-fashioned experience.

The GSA is the Government Services Administration. It is a federal agency that supports and serves as a resource for the entirety of other federal organizations such as the DOJ, Armed Services and more. They procure goods, services, products and more on behalf of all federal agencies. They offer a link to codes and standards that relate to electrical requirements among other relevant information found on this site.

You might also be interested in learning more about the energy building codes that are imposed by the federal government, too. These are standards and regulations that require construction companies to ensure they meet federal expectations regarding emissions and energy use for various types of buildings and commercial structures. This information is available in the International Commercial or Residential Code (ICC/IRC).

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