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Written by John Mullen

It is Always ‘Hire a Professional Electrician’ Day!

It seems that every day of every month is an observance of one kind or another. There are literally dozens of proclaimed holidays in the month of February to honor everything from reading in the tub to good old-fashioned love. But try as we might, we have combed the calendar and no mention is made of ‘Hire a Professional Electrician Day’!

But in our estimation, there should be. While there are few modern conveniences to rival the delivery of electricity to the home, it is also true there are few utilities that should be treated with greater respect. You call a doctor for an illness, right? Well, when you are experiencing electrical problems we suggest you call a professional electrician. Here are just a few of the reasons why:
• Addressing your home’s electrical problems is not the time to become a do-it-yourselfer! Everyone should have a healthy respect for the dangers of electricity. If you are having any electrical issues in your home, contact a professional electrician. They are trained to approach each project with the proper amount of caution and expertise.
• The use of a professional electrician should ensure that there are no reoccurring problems as they will be addressed by an individual who has knowledge and expertise in the field.
• An experienced and trained electrician understands home electrical systems from a comprehensive perspective. This allows them to come into your home and troubleshoot or identify potential weaknesses and problems that you as a layman cannot possibly identify.
• You will save money in the end. There is plenty of evidence that homeowners can get in over-their-heads pretty quickly when trying to identify and/or repair what appears to be a minor electrical issue that quickly turns into a costly and complicated project. If your plan is to save a few dollars by tackling an electrical issue around the house by yourself, be advised that usually the most cost-efficient route is to bring in a professional electrician from the beginning.

If you are having a problem with your home’s electrical system, contact the experts and professionals at J.M. Mullen Electrical Services. We have a quarter-century’s worth of experience to tackle your electrical problems.