Annapolis MD, J.M. Mullen Electric
Written by John Mullen

Is Your Home Getting Smarter?

The rage in 2020 and in the decade that looms ahead is ‘smart technology’ for your home or simply – a “smart home”. It is where your home comes equipped with devices to control your heating, lighting and electronics with your computer or phone! All of the household and maintenance chores are being taken over by technology that can perform the tasks faster, more efficiently and usually for less money. The trend is happening so quickly, it is difficult to stay abreast of what’s out there. Let’s consider a few of the devices that will help make a smart home this year.

• Smart home security devices. There are few things that will bring a homeowner more comfort than knowing their house is being watched over by the variety of security devices that are now available on the market. This includes everything from automatic door locks to doorbell cameras that allow you to see who is approaching your home or standing at your door.

• Smart home sensors. Many of the operations that keep your home running smoothly are not visible. For example, water drainage, air quality and natural gas are three important tasks that occur ‘behind the scenes’. Their optimum performance is essential to your home and family’s health and welfare. So, it is an excellent idea to purchase and install smart home sensors that will keep you apprised of the ‘inner workings’ of your home.

• Smart home thermostats and energy efficient products. Your home goes through daily ebbs and flows of activity. The morning is usually hyper-busy as children and adults prepare for the day. Then, everyone leaves and the house may sit empty for hours. It is a waste of energy to leave your thermostat and other electric devices drawing maximum energy when they are not in use. Invest in smart home devices to help keep your residential electric bills lower. After all – can’t you use the money for other things?

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