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Written by John Mullen

Install Smart Smoke Detectors

Technology is part of our everyday lives. Smartphone apps can control just about everything in your home: heating systems, lights, garage door openers, security systems, video cameras, and media. Is your smoke detector smart?

Smoke detectors are serious business and need to be installed correctly and regularly maintained. Many homes don’t have the right number of smoke detectors, and they’re not in the right places. How many smoke detectors do you need? 

Your family is most vulnerable when they’re asleep, so each bedroom should have a smoke detector. There should be a smoke detector on any floor with a bedroom and at the entrance to your attic or basement. You should have a smoke detector in your living room and the kitchen.

Kitchen fires account for almost half of home fires. Flames can flare up when appliances are left unattended, turned on or off unintentionally, towels or other items are on or near a burner, or not cleaned regularly. The kitchen smoke detector should be within 10 feet of your appliances, but not so close that it goes off if you burn your dinner.

Most residential buildings use a battery-powered smoke detector. However, the National Fire Prevention Association believes interconnected; hard-wired smoke detectors are much better at keeping your family safe.

A hard-wired smoke detector connects to your home’s electrical system. There is a battery backup, but it will continue to work even if you forget to change the batteries.  Some states now require new residential construction to include hard-wired smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors in an interconnected system can communicate with each other, either wirelessly or connected to your homes electrical system during hard-wiring. If a fire breaks out in one area or room of your home, all the alarms will sound alerting you to the danger. These systems can also indicate the fire’s location.

Hard-wired, interconnected systems are best when installed by a qualified electrician. They know the latest code requirements for your city and state. JM Mullen Electrical Services has the experienced electricians you need to safeguard your family and your home from fire damage. Call us today and make an appointment for a free consultation.