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Written by John Mullen

How To Safely Rewire An Old House

TVs with large screens, computers and double door refrigerators did not exist when many old home were built and first wired. This means that upgrading electrical systems in these old houses is an essential task. Here are ways on how you can safely rewire an old house: 

Create An Electrical Inventory

Create a list of all the devices and appliances that you will be using in the house and where these will be installed. Your electrical system has to match your needs, so identifying where and how you will be using power can make it easier to frame the parameters of the job.

Check Out Local Codes And Permits

Codes set the standards for everything from the number of outlets you can put in each room to what kind of wiring you can use. Failure to get permits can have you pulling out already finished work.

Consider Existing Infrastructure

There are instances when upgrading the electrical system in old homes and buildings results in damage. Try to avoid this by making everyone aware of the locations of the existing infrastructure so no one accidentally punches holes in existing wiring or plumbing.

It is crucial that you understand the challenges of dealing with an older building. If you want to keep the structure of your home relatively intact, you have to be upfront about this to anyone working on any electrical or structural project in your home. You may have to spend more for the precautions to protect your building but spending a few dollars ahead of time can save you large amounts of money on fixing damaged structures.

Integrate The Old And New

The antiquity of old homes comes with a unique charm so make sure that you integrate the switches and plates into the old look and feel of the house. A number of companies now offer hardware that matches the appearance and feel of different eras while providing you with added safety.

Work With An Experienced Electrician

Find an electrician who understands older buildings. Updating the electrical systems in older homes is a demanding and complex task that calls for experienced electricians who have rewired old buildings in the past.

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