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Written by John Mullen

Home Security Cameras

Home security systems are becoming very commonplace because of their wide availability and affordability. They are also becoming easier to install. Many are also becoming wireless although that does not negate the use of more traditional home security systems as good choices as well.

Today’s wireless security cameras and systems try to present themselves as a do-it-yourself job. For some this may be true. But, since you may be talking about interfering with the current wiring and electrical system in your home it is probably a good idea to call on your neighborhood professional electrical contractor to provide the appropriate support. After all, even if the security camera claims all you need to do is ‘plug it in’, there are plenty of opportunities for mistakes to be made during the installation process. Here are a few suggestions to make the job go easier.

• Start by making a diagram of what you believe are your surveillance needs. It is not necessary to monitor the entire surface area of your home and yard. Identify those areas you want to monitor and then do a physical check to be sure there are no obstructions prior to installing the camera. Some of the most recommended areas for cameras are windows, doors, driveways and porches. But you may also want to have monitors on your home’s valuables and the indoor / outdoor areas where your children play.
• Research the various security camera options then consider their pros and cons before purchasing. Weigh the advantages of a wireless system versus a wired system.
• If you are going to install a security camera system it is a good idea to see the breadth of coverage it offers before it is put in. Often, homeowners believe that one camera will give them complete coverage of their property and this is usually not true. Today’s security cameras do provide multiple perspectives by panning, tilting and zooming but even this does not guarantee a 360-degree view of your home.
• Finally, test out the equipment before you install it. Then once it is installed, be sure to work with it until you are comfortable with how to operate all its components.

Better yet, if you are in the market to install security camera equipment in your home, contact the commercial electrical experts at J.M. Mullen Electrical.