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Written by John Mullen

Having faulty electrical installations can be very dangerous!

Short circuits caused by damaged electrical installations can cause serious damage to your property.

We all know how dangerous electricity can be when it is not handled by a professional. It is one of the major causes of fires in houses, shops, workplaces, etc. According to figures from the Maryland Fire Department, 62% of accidental fires were caused by a short circuit in electrical systems.

Also, electric shocks caused by handling faulty electrical installations account for 4% of accidental deaths in homes. Despite these terrible numbers, the vast majority of people downplay how dangerous electricity can be, and fail to take the necessary safety measures to perform repair work on their electrical network.

How to avoid a short circuit?

These are some precautions that we can take at home to avoid short circuits:

• Disconnect electrical appliances that you are not going to use immediately.

• Prevents wires, plugs, etc. from coming in contact with water and other liquids.

• Keep the wires of the devices in good condition and change the ones that are not in perfect condition.

• Repair and maintain the wiring in your home and, if necessary, the building’s electrical installation.

• Install plugs in spacious places, away from the furniture.

What damage can short circuits of faulty electrical installations cause?

The consequences of a short circuit can be extremely severe. Knowing how to act allows us to be prepared if there is a dangerous situation.

These are some of the most severe consequences that a short circuit can cause:

• Loss of electric current: Short circuits often cause the flow of electricity to be interrupted.

• A short circuit can disable an electrical device: Sometimes the effect of the short circuit is such that the electrical system of the device is unusable.

• In the most extreme cases, a short circuit can cause a fire: When an accident of this type occurs circuit temperatures rise; if necessary protections aren’t in place, or flammable materials are present, a fire may start that endangers people and property.

• Failure in the general power line: Many times, the consequences of the short circuit extends to the wiring of the house, even to the principal electrical line, causing power to be cut.

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