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Written by Stu Kushner

Handyman or Electrician?

Handyman or Electrician? The difference might shock you.

Our increasingly busy lifestyles can easily be thrown off kilter when something around the house breaks down. You may know someone who does all kinds of repairs and can take on your latest emergency. Some handymen say they can do it all: electrical work, plumbing, anything. But, that isn’t necessarily true and it could be an expensive mistake. 

Electricians, plumbers, and other skilled tradesmen are required to undergo apprenticeships and are licensed and overseen by local and national regulatory bodies. They’re experts in their respective fields and have to stay abreast of code standards as well as new technology in their industries. The codes and guidelines were developed to meet standards that ensure public safety and prevent personal injury or loss.

An improperly installed electrical system increases the risk to your home and to your family. Here are just a few of the practices that can lead to damage and injury, or even death.

  • Electrical installations or repairs are done without following proper procedures, best practice, or using substandard products.
  • The work was not inspected by a licensed, professional electrician.
  • Load calculations were not part of the process of the installation.
  • Electrical systems were not evaluated and inspected regularly for wear and to maintain the proper code standards.

A handyman usually has a broad range of skills and does minor repairs or renovation projects. They may not have any formal education or training for services they provide. They are not regulated by any professional organization and their work isn’t checked by a trained professional. The work they perform typically doesn’t require a permit, so there’s no oversight by code inspectors either. Another sobering fact: it is illegal for a handyman to work on any electrical system in your home.

Your local handyman may not be bonded or insured either which means you bear the total risk if the work isn’t done properly or doesn’t last as long as it’s supposed to. You should also check your homeowner’s policy to be sure that work not done by a professional doesn’t void your coverage.

There may be jobs your local handyman can do around your home, but repairing or installing electrical systems isn’t one of them. Call the professionals at JM Mullen for all your electrical needs. The work will be done properly by licensed electricians and is guaranteed.