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Written by John Mullen

Getting Your Pool Ready For Winter

The onset of winter weather is near and it’s time to close up your pool for the season. If you’re a new pool owner, you may think it’s as easy as popping on the cover, but there a few more things to do to keep your pool in tip-top shape during the cold months.

1. Clean your pool. Whenever you put anything away for a long period of time, it’s a good idea to clean it. Remove any leaves, dirt, or other debris to prevent stains on the bottom of the pool. 

2. Check the pool equipment. During the winter, you still need to run the pump and filter a few hours a day. Make sure there’s no calcium buildup and check connections to be sure there’s no damage.

3. Backwash the filter. Just as you need to clean leaves and dirt from your pool, you should backwash the filter to get rid of any built-up contaminants.

4. Balance the water. When you check the water balance, you guard against the buildup of algae and other nasty bacteria. Use the same methods for keeping your pool in balance during the summer when you prepare it for winter.

5. Phosphate remover. This is a second line of defense against the buildup of algae in your pool. Algae feed on phosphates so if you remove the phosphates, there won’t be algae either.

6. Pool cover. Investing in a good pool cover is well worth it. It not only protects your pool from things getting in it, it prevents evaporation.

7. Continue maintenance. As mentioned above, you still need to perform routine maintenance on your pool during the time it’s closed.

While you’re closing up your pool, it’s a good time to check all the electrical outlets outside your home. Be sure all unnecessary equipment is unplugged and extension cords, even heavy duty ones, are rolled up and put away. Check to see if any outlets are loose or damaged and make sure you have the proper coverings to protect them against the elements. If you have outdoor lights that aren’t removed during the winter, it’s a good idea to examine them as well to check for damage or wear.

When you prepare your outdoor area for the winter, it will be ready for you to enjoy when warm weather rolls around again. The experts at JM Mullen can do a pre-winter inspection of your outdoor electrical equipment and outlets. Call us today at 410-266-6316 or go to jmmullenelectric.com to make an appointment.