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Written by John Mullen

Getting Your New Business Ready for Success

Do you have a new business idea in the works? A lot of effort goes into starting a new company, from advertising, to supplying the products and services, and in some cases, to selecting a brick-and-mortar location. If you’re looking to start from the ground up or renovate an already-existing building, you’ll need electric services to get your business up and running smoothly. Another important thing to consider is how you can be energy-conscious in the meantime.

Thankfully, you can trust J.M. Mullen Electrical Services to cover your commercial electrical needs efficiently and in a timely manner, leaving more room for you to focus on all aspects of growing your business. Our experience includes restaurants, office buildings, indoor soccer fields, religious worship buildings, and many other commercial establishments. We have the expertise, equipment, and skills to tackle the job.

To get your project started, our in-house estimator can provide you with a competitive, reliable estimated cost for the installation. One of the most important parts of getting the building in working order is the lighting, both indoors and outdoors, which in some cases may include repairing parking lot lighting. For restaurants, we’ll get your kitchen and bar areas functioning properly and ready for your guests. Our services also include installing fire systems, as well as low voltage data and communication wiring for offices.

We can create the business environment you need for success, tailored to your company’s specific needs. So now that your building is fully functional, what can you do to save energy and money? Some tips include keeping external windows and doors closed, closing curtains at night, utilizing the warmth of the sun during the day, and replacing and cleaning your air filters. If your business is a restaurant, use efficient appliances for cooking, keeping the life-cycle cost in mind. Even small malfunctions can result in bigger ones later, so maintain and repair kitchen equipment as necessary.

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