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Written by John Mullen

Get Smart with Your Lights

We live in the age of smart phones, smart cars, and smart homes, so why not smart light bulbs? Actually, smart bulbs are only one part of a smart lighting system that gives you multiple options for your home. Using a mobile app, you can control when the lights go on and off, the color of the lights, and lighting to match your mood and even your movies. 

What are smart bulbs? They are internet-capable light bulbs that can be controlled remotely with customizations such as scheduling. They are part of the growing home automation trend and offer a variety of functionality options and can be paired with cameras, speakers, and motion sensors. One of the most popular and advanced providers is Philips and its Hue system. Philips has a variety of styles, sizes, and color bulbs to choose from.

When you decide to jump into the smart lighting pool, the first decision is whether or not you want an entire hub, or if you want to begin with individual lights. There are benefits to installing a hub-driven system including price and ease of use. Using a hub system creates a closer connection between the smart bulbs while offering extra features. Setting up a hub may be a more expensive investment initially, but it’s more affordable in the long term. If you choose a “hubless” system, each bulb will be more expensive because it will function individually. There are hubless systems such as Lifx if you prefer this option.

With a hub-based system, you can control your smart bulbs using Alexa or Google Assistant or the apps that come with the hub’s brand. For example, Philips Hue has an app that syncs lights to movies. If you choose the Hue option, you’ll set up a Bridge which will allow you to assign rooms, create scenes, and set schedules. You can also control your system remotely while you’re away from home.

With the hubless Lifx system, all you need to do is screw in a light bulb and using a WiFi app, you’re good to go. Lifx bulbs come in different colors, shades of white, Mini sizes, and lighting strips. There are also lighting fixtures that adhere to your walls, which can pulse and change colors.

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