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Written by John Mullen

Electricity Myths and Facts

There are “old wives tales” about many topics, but did you know there are still a lot of myths about electricity? We’ll take a look at the top 5 myths and give you the facts. See if you knew the facts or still believe the myths.

1. Power Lines Are Insulated

Insulation is a material that doesn’t conduct electricity, or conducts very little. The cords on appliances are insulated using rubber coatings. Most power lines are not insulated. Weather or other elements may have damaged those that are insulated. Never go near any power lines, they are always dangerous. 

2. Rubber Shoes and Rubber Gloves Protect from Shock

The rubber used in the soles of everyday shoes and rubber gloves is not sufficient to protect you from electric shock. Voltage-rated rubber is the only type that provides safety when working with electricity. No matter what you’re wearing, never undertake any electrical projects without proper training.

3. Wood Doesn’t Conduct Electricity

Using a wood ladder instead of a metal ladder doesn’t mean you’re safe from the possibility of electric shock. Wood doesn’t conduct electricity well, but even wood ladders often have metal hinges that do conduct electricity. If the ladder is wet, it can also conduct electricity. Always use the proper protection when working around any electricity.

4. Thick Wires Carry More Current

Regardless of the thickness of a wire, the same amount of current passes through it. The average outlet in your home carries 120 volts of electricity. Whether the cord is 1/4-inch thick or 1/2-inch thick, there are still 120 volts running through it.

5. Low Voltage Shocks Aren’t Dangerous

Most people know that you shouldn’t put anything in a receptacle except a plug. Electricity from telecommunications or security systems aren’t likely to cause death in themselves, but under certain circumstances, they can still deliver a nasty shock. Wires that are ungrounded or in wet areas are more dangerous.

How did you do? Did you know all of the facts or are you still believing some of the myths? Never take anything for granted when working with or around electricity. It could be a fatal mistake. At JM Mullen, we know all the facts about electricity and our trained professionals are prepared to help you with all your electrical needs. Contact us today for more information.