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Written by John Mullen

Electrical Safety Tips for Pets

If you’re a pet owner, you want to protect your furry family members from any potential hazards around your home. This might be easy to overlook, so here are a few things to watch for.
Some of the most common dangers are the electrical cords you have around your home. Pets love to chew on cables or bat them with their paws, leading to injuries such as burns or shocks. It can even cause fires. To ensure the safety of your pets, yourself, and your home, keep wires and cords hidden behind appliances or furniture. If you can’t find a sufficient place to keep them out of sight, try pet-proofing them with plastic piping, or coating them in a substance that will deter your pet’s curiosity. There are products on the market designed specifically for this, but you can use household items like vinegar or hot sauce.

It’s also crucial that you never leave heating equipment unattended. Even appliances as small as a curling iron can be dangerous, as they don’t cool down immediately after being used. Keep them entirely away from your pets, especially when switched on. The same goes for portable heaters and oil heaters, as your pet may accidentally knock them over, which is dangerous for your pet and your home.

Another concern to be mindful of is electrical sockets. Partially exposed prongs are dangerous, especially because pets tend to lick or nuzzle them, which can result in a shock. Keep your plugs fully inserted to prevent this hazard, and don’t overload sockets.

Another great safety precaution is providing your pets distractions from danger. For example, to discourage your animals from cozying up behind warm appliances (such as computers), provide a comfy place by a sunlit window. To prevent puppies and kittens from teething on electrical cables, give them safe chew toys as an alternative.

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