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Written by John Mullen

Electrical Projects Best Left To Experts

There are some projects around your house that are not safe for the Do-It-Yourself to tackle. In particular, projects that require electrical upgrades are best left to experts. Most people lack the knowledge about the intricacies of a home’s wiring and mistakes could be costly or dangerous. 

Overburdened Electrical Outlets:  With continual advances in technology and our growing dependence on electronic devices, many homes have outlets that are working to capacity or more. Adding multi-plug adaptors doesn’t safeguard against overloading an outlet. In fact, it almost assures the opposite. There is another danger to members of the household from having a tangle of cords and countless plugs protruding from outlets. Small children might be attracted to all the cords on the floor and try to pull them out or play with them in other ways. Pets, especially puppies, may chew on cords resulting in tragic consequences.

Outlets located near water:  Most people know that electricity and water are a dangerous combination. Outlets in the kitchen, bathroom, or basement that are too close to sources of water need to be relocated. This isn’t a job for the inexperienced weekend dabbler, only an experienced electrician should tackle this kind of project.

Using the toaster and the hair dryer trip a circuit breaker:  Small appliances abound in most homes and may not pose a problem when used individually but using a variety of appliances together can tax older electrical systems. If the circuit breakers flip off when using two or more appliances, it’s time to call an electrician to assess the situation and make the best recommendation.

Consider making a visit from an electrician a part of your home’s maintenance. The wiring in your home needs to be kept up-to-date and in compliance with changing codes, especially if you own an older home. The experts at JM Mullen are licensed professionals who can take care of all your electrical repair and upgrade needs.