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Written by John Mullen

Electrical Hazards You Should Watch Out For This Winter

The cold winter months come with a range of electrical hazards. Being proactive can help ensure the safety of your family. Here are the electric issues that you need to watch out for this season:

Damaged Heating Appliances

Homes use heaters and electrical blankets to combat the cold of the winter but these appliances are also potentially dangerous and faulty, particularly when they have been stored away for a while. 

Remember that electrical products that have been stored for a long time may have been damaged by heavier items that were stored on top of them.  Be sure to follow the proper operating instructions when you use heating appliances.

Make sure that your electrical heating appliances do not have damaged or frayed wires.  Heaters and electrical blankets with faulty wiring pose fire and shock hazards. You should also ensure that your kids shut off their heating blankets right after using them.

Lamp And Light Bulb Fires

Light bulbs that do not match the required wattage of the lamp fittings can pose hazards during the cold and dark winter season. Check each light bulb in your home to make sure each of them has the correct wattage. You should also inspect the electrical cords for cuts or frayed wires. Remember that heavy use of lamps may cause the bulbs to overheat, potentially starting a fire, so monitor your usage and turn the lamps off when not in use.

Overheated Wires And Circuits

The circuit breaker and fuses in your home protect your electrical system but they do not protect the appliances and the loads that they are connected to. High currents that can potentially damage wiring may be blocked by the fuse or circuit breaker but extremely high currents may ignite materials near the wiring.

Ensure that all appliances are placed on appropriate circuits for winter usage and the electrical wirings are all properly-sized. Do not place flammable materials near outlets and wirings.

Keep your family safe from the common electrical hazards during winter. Ensure that your electrical appliances, lighting and wirings are intact and safe to use. Our experienced electricians here at JM Mullen Electrical will be glad to help you conduct a proactive inspection of your residential electrical wiring. Contact us today to learn more about our services.