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Written by John Mullen

Electrical Energy Saving Tips for Your Commercial Properties

Research shows the greatest non-fixed cost of owning and operating a commercial business is energy in general, and electricity specifically. Maintaining an even environment year-round can be difficult. Buildings in cold climates require a mix of heat and air conditioning, while hot climates may require air conditioning year round. In the last several decades as consumers have become more environmentally conscious, companies are actively seeking ways to bring down costs and save energy. What follows are some reliable methods for keeping electric costs down in commercial businesses.

Professionals estimate that 17% of energy costs go towards lighting a commercial building. It is worth the initial cost to convert any outdated incandescent lighting systems over to LED lighting. It is also recommended that business owners and companies examine opportunities for installing solar lighting that is virtually maintenance free.

Conduct a one-time ‘professional energy audit’ – this is a valuable resource for identifying sustainable energy practices. This could be as simple as inviting a professional electrician to evaluate your heating and cooling systems in the commercial building to determine if they require replacing. Inefficient heating and cooling systems are a source of wasted energy and money. While you’re at it, do a thorough review of the building to locate potential air leaks that are letting heat and air conditioning escape.

Take advantage of the many types of automation that are available today to help control your building’s energy consumption. Heating and cooling systems utilize the latest in ‘business technology’ today. For example, there are sensors that will automatically turn the heat or air conditioning up, down, or off when it reaches a certain temperature. Moreover, sophisticated tools called ‘data analytics’ are now available. The purpose is to take raw data and use it to make informed decisions about the energy use in a building.

Include information on energy use in staff meetings. Incentivize your staff to identify ways of using energy more efficiently and sustainably.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are two of the most publicized environmental issues in the news. The experts at J.M. Mullen Electrical Services are available to work with commercial property owners to negate energy waste.