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Written by John Mullen

Electrical Certifications

While there are many types of jobs that don’t require certifications, electrical servicing is not one of them. It is never advisable to attempt to repair or install electrical systems of any kind without proper training and the accompanying certification. It is important to know that when you have electrical work done on your residence or commercial property you should keep all of your paperwork organized and in one area for easy retrieval. The reports should include such information as when and what tasks were performed and the outcome. Let us consider several different certifications that can be acquired for electrical work.

One common certificate is the EIC or Electrical Installation Certificate. Similar to this is the MEIWC which stands for Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate. Both are meant to ensure the work is done completely and correctly. For instance, an EIC will confirm that any new installations and rewiring will be carried out according to code. Too, in cases where wiring and/or installations have been modified, the certification will be applicable. This includes changes from adding a socket to switching out a fuse box. The bottom line is that electricians are required to issue an EIC with all new installations. The MEIWC is used instead if there are no new installations but only alterations or additions.

You should always receive an electrical safety certificate within 28 days of the completed work. If you do not, contact the contractor immediately.

If you want to become an electrician there are a number of programs to attend to receive certification. Trade schools and/or vocational schools both offer an associate’s degree in electrical technology. This would be a two-year degree. There are four-year degrees available as well. It is expected that the longer the schooling the more experience and expertise a person will gain – giving them a competitive edge in the market. For the person wanting to get an education in electrical work it should be noted that to a certain extent, it is possible to substitute on-the-job experience for classroom work.

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