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Written by John Mullen

Creative Lighting Fixtures from the Past

If you’re looking for something to put the finishing touch on a redecorated room or freshen up your current look, consider reaching into the past for a unique, vintage light fixture. These fantastic lighting finds add a wow factor to an otherwise ordinary room. Some of these fixtures require updating, but the effort is worth it.

Vintage light fixtures can be found at architectural salvage shops and antique stores. Flea markets and estate sales are also good places to check out and may be less expensive. Speaking of price, depending on what you’re looking for, the cost may be comparable to modern light fixtures or, if you fall in love with a really spectacular piece, thousands of dollars. 

For a home with a clear architectural style, do a little research into what fixtures were typically used. If your home isn’t a specific style such as Craftsman or Mid-Century modern, you can widen your search and look at sizes and colors that will fit in your room and match your furnishings. Consider the location for the light fixture before you buy. While a crystal chandelier may be stunning in your dining room, your downstairs powder room may not be a good choice.

Pre-electricity lighting fixtures will require a little more work to convert since they were used with either candles or oil and wicks. In either case, the fixture will need to be converted for modern use with electricity. This is a job for professionals who have an idea about what type of wiring to use, where the wiring should go, as well as the best sockets and bulb wattage.

Once the wiring is complete, you may want to clean your fixture before hanging or mounting. Unless you’re very familiar with the furnishing of the period, this is another time you may want to consult an expert. A knowledgeable antique shop owner can be a great resource for how to clean and maintain vintage fixtures. Older fixtures might be made of brass or copper and may also have ceramic or glass shades. Before you break out any cleaner supplies, do your homework.

Whatever period or style fixture you choose, the professional electricians at JM Mullen will be sure it’s wired correctly, meets modern code standards, and is a safe as well as beautiful addition to your home. Call us today.