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Written by John Mullen

Converting A Garage Into Living Space

If your car hasn’t been in the garage for years and the garage is beginning to resemble a storage unit, it may be time to convert this wasted space into more living space. This addition may increase the value of your house if you decide to sell it.

One of the most important considerations is what type of electrical wiring you’ll need. Some of these considerations will depend on what the end product will be. The type of space you’re considering will determine the type of electrical wiring system you’ll need. Are you thinking of creating a home office, sunroom, man cave or even a high-end workshop? By hiring an electrician you can help avoid costly and potentially dangerous situations.

Your garage probably has electrical power, though it will likely need to be upgraded. The typical electricity used in your garage may only be able to power things like a water heater, extra refrigerator or freezer. Checking for adequate circuits is also an important consideration. You may need to install additional circuits to prevent overloading and the risk of fire, or consider installing a separate electrical panel. An electrician can also recommend the number of outlets, switches, and types of lighting.

In order to avoid any problems with your local zoning board, it’s important to ensure that any electrical wiring is in compliance with the required codes in your area. A good electrician will know both state and local code requirements. Depending on what type of room you’re adding, they can also help you choose the most energy-efficient fixtures and furnishings.

The entire project will go more smoothly if you consult an electrician before beginning the conversion. Consider the cost of hiring an electrician for your conversion insurance against problems in the future and assurances that you won’t run into any violations later.

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