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Written by John Mullen

Car Charging Stations

One growing change in the American home is the continued installation of EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) to accommodate the growing number of privately purchased electric vehicles. It is a fascinating change that requires a reconsideration of the electrical requirements in the home, workplace and public areas.

It is important to note that these stations cannot be installed without guidance and adherence to the requirements of the area in which the EVSE will be placed. What follows is valuable information on the subject.

The installation of residential EVSEs may cause changes to the home’s electric wiring as well as notification to the utility company. They are responsible for keeping track of this information to allow for a potential increase in electricity demand.

The type of PEV (plug-in electric vehicle) will determine the type of outlet required. In some instances homeowners will be able to charge their vehicles utilizing their own conventional outlets. This is known as ‘Level 1’ and uses a 120 VAC. This charge allows for an average of 3-4 miles per hour of charge.

The BEV (battery electric vehicle) user may want to enhance the charging ability through the use of a Level 2 charging station. This is a 240 VAC and would require a dedicated circuit and charging station in the home. When choosing this option it is important to note that a homeowner must obtain a permit from the local jurisdiction. Mileage per hour of charge will depend on the size of the onboard charger power.

It should come as no surprise that the installation of a commercial EVSE is more complex. Documentation and permits will need to address requirements for zoning, electrical sourcing, parking, signage and various other fees.

Whether a home or commercial EVSE is being installed it is best to begin by speaking with city inspectors regarding requirements then inviting them to your home or place of business. In that way they are able to visualize and authenticate the plan. Once the EVSE has been installed a second visit will be required.

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