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Written by John Mullen

Are Your Game Consoles Eating Up Your Electricity?

Show me the home that doesn’t have at least one gaming system and I will show you a home without kids or with owners who were born before the gaming revolution. Gaming system companies have been under the gun for years about the amount of electricity they may be using. In response they created a ‘energy standby mode’ that purportedly helps to cut down on the amount of energy they use to remain ‘on the ready’. And now that gaming systems are becoming the hub for streaming entertainment, these devices are becoming what has been labeled ‘energy vampires’.

If you have not heard of the term ‘energy vampire’ you are not alone. It is a fairly new term that is meant to describe an electronic device that quietly consumes energy while not providing an immediate return on service. Energy vampires ramp up your electric bill and may leave you confused about what is causing the increase in costs. One organization suggested that homeowners may have an additional $150 added to their bills annually due to energy vampires. The biggest culprit has been found to be the gaming console that remains plugged in and at the ready for your use at all hours of the day and night. But, the cost for this convenience may have you asking yourself – is it worth it?

There is ample specific information regarding this usage for the savvy consumer that wants to understand where the energy is going. First the newest gaming stations such as the PS4 or Xbox One use three times the energy of previous consoles. Hey, bigger, faster, brighter doesn’t come without a cost. Both of these systems fall well outside of the government’s Energy Star standards or other streaming devices such as Roku.

There are ways to combat this energy draining problem now that you know what you are up against! Try the following ideas:

• Reduce your system’s idling energy drain by setting it to automatically shut down after an hour of nonuse.
• Buy a streaming device and use your gaming console for gaming purposes exclusively
• Unplug your devices when they are not in use for long (or short) periods of time.

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