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Written by John Mullen

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Today there are specialty doctors, lawyers, cooks, teachers and managers. In fact, as the world becomes more complex, it is almost necessary to choose a specific skill set due to the demands of the job market. Therefore, it should not be a surprise to learn that there are different types of electricians that perform specific jobs. You may find the following information interesting and valuable as you go about your personal and professional lives.

• Residential electricians. One of the most common types of electricians is the ‘residential electrician’. Their title is an indication of their specialty. Residential electricians are responsible for installing electrical systems within a home and other forms of living structures such as apartment complexes. Additionally, they may upgrade equipment in apartment complexes and homes. You will find they are also capable of installing outdoor lighting as well. Residential electricians have a versatile skill-set.

• Commercial electricians. A commercial electrician will work in commercial settings such as businesses, construction areas and mechanical systems. Commercial electricians can perform a variety of services such as installing safety systems, water heaters and more. But, that is not the extent of their competencies. Commercial electricians may be called on to upgrade the electrical systems of a commercial business or property, perform a variety of troubleshooting services such as identifying the cause of an electrical short or tracing the source of faulty wiring. Commercial electricians must undergo strict training and apprenticeships due to the nature of their work and its potential impact on public safety.

• Journeyman electricians. A journeyman electrician is an electrician that has completed part of the training to obtain their license as a master electrician. However, they have not finished all of the requirements and therefore are not able to work independently. The journeyman electrician is able to perform many of the services of the licensed residential or commercial electrician but not all of them. For example, a journeyman electrician usually cannot be responsible for designing the original electrical system for a home, business or expansive structure.

• Master electricians. A master electrician is the most highly skilled of electricians. They may work in supervisory roles or be the owner of an electrical services business. The master electrician is usually also a ‘master manager’ because that will be part of their responsibilities in the end.

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