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Written by John Mullen

About Outdoor Security Lighting

No matter where you live outdoor lighting is essential to your security. It provides illumination so family and visitors can easily find their way from door to driveway or backyard. Outdoor lighting is also a deterrent to unwelcome guests. Equally as important is the fact that outdoor lighting will often add to the overall ambiance of a property – raising its value for resale. These reasons are applicable to commercial property as well.

There are common areas in which outdoor security lighting is usually positioned. All entrances, exits and porches should be lit. The garage requires lighting whether it is attached to the house or a separate building. The glow of all outdoor security lighting should extend outward creating a path of easy maneuverability. Outdoor security lights should also focus on the property address, so it is easily identifiable. If the premises are large with outbuildings, then each of these should be given the same lighting considerations. Finally, any outdoor stairways should be properly lit to avoid tripping accidents. As an added bonus business and residential property owners may receive a reduction in the cost of insurance with the installation of outdoor security lights.

There are five main types of outdoor lighting. These include:

Floodlights. They distribute bright lights across wide expanses. There are multiple styles that allow for targeted illumination of specific areas.

Roadway ‘luminaries’. The term is used by civil engineers when designing thoroughfares. In this case it refers to lighting the home address for easy identification.

Surface-mounted lighting. These are the decorate lights attached to the exterior of a business or residence.

Post luminaries lighting. These are forms of ambient lighting that target the driveway for safe entrance.

Landscape pathway lighting. This lighting illuminates sidewalks and pathways, bushes and trees and other architectural elements.

Creating a ‘lighting presentation’ is part of the home decorating process. There are many details that must be taken into consideration prior to the addition and placement of outdoor lighting. The options for style, size and color are nearly limitless. If you are going to enhance your outdoor security lighting it would be valuable to consult with a professional electric installation company. They will be able to provide the proper assessment and give the best advice to suit your needs.

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