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Written by John Mullen

About Commercial vs. Industrial Electric Services

Electrical service companies may offer support for homes and businesses up to and including some very sophisticated and large building sites. The difference between the work expected of the commercial electrician versus the industrial electrician is the worksite. The industrial electrician will have the skill set to maintain and install electrical components for manufacturing and production sites. The commercial electrician will likely specialize in office facilities and retail locations.

The following is more detailed information about the type of work that commercial and industrial electric service companies should be able to provide.

  • Industrial electricians work with high voltage systems, industrial machinery at locations that include factories, refineries, power plants and gas and oil fields. They are employed in a variety of industries including (but not limited to) mining companies, vehicle manufacturers, and steel producers.
  • Industrial electricians test, repair and maintain electric equipment. With the advent of robotics, professional electricians that are able to work on robots are in high demand.
  • Commercial electricians ensure the power, heating and light work within a commercial building. The tools of a commercial electrician are different than the industrial electrician. Commercial electricians may also be asked to plan and design entire electrical systems. This includes everything from tailoring the system to the required electrical codes to actually choosing the conduits or piping to support the system.
  • Commercial electricians may also be tasked with working from blueprints to create the electrical system from which the wire is run to the installation of conduits. They may also provide the electrical support for air conditioning and refrigeration. Commercial electricians have the responsibility for ensuring that all component parts and connections are safe. They will be required to perform a series of tests as the building is constructed (or within a building that is being rewired) to ensure that all aspects of the system are safe and working properly.
  • Industrial and commercial electricians have the ability to work as managers and overseers of major projects that involve multiple construction and reworking sites.

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